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Boucle-d-oreille fleur Or C7EAEF

For nearly two decades we have been custodians of a unique store: this heritage is both a privilege and an obligation, that of being at the heart of environmental issues, in a world in perpetual motion. Thanks to the daily involvement of our team, we are able to reconcile two ambitions: excellence and accessibility to reserve a memorable experience and a warm welcome for every visitor.

Between Aubervilliers and Paris, near the Saint-Denis canal, Aliex fantaisie is a small wholesale store that gives all its letters of nobility to the import of costume jewelry. Worthy heir of a family of defenders of the environment in front of the modes of all kinds, at the same time purist in the heart and attentive to the advances of the fashion. Aliex fantaisie applies itself to make the jewelry speak, in a continuous concern of preservation and respect.

Soon 20 years of history in Aubervilliers, Paris, The passion for importing fashion jewelry fashion at low prices, is reflected in the elegance and consistency of the house of Aliexpress fantasy on this mythical terroir of the rue hedge coq in the Seine-Saint-Denis.

Make a fashion paradise for professionals: the ambition is there, visible everywhere through the products. Outside, in the harmonious layout of the arrangement of the aliex fantasia house, finally in the contrast between the price and the quality of our stainless steel jewelry .

Aliex fantaisie symbolizes a whole art of living, and therefore of receiving. The collection of jewelry in 925 silver, stainless steel each has its own personality: durability, price, nobility and quality celebrating accessible jewelry. A magical place, where so many creators, retailers, shapes and cultures, brilliantly bear witness to the eternal and fruitful dialogue between art and fashion. owes its unique qualities to the genius of its creator as well as to the passionate work of a succession of generations. It is a collection of remarkable costume jewelry that comes from a combination of characteristics that cannot be found: quality, elegance, complexity, finesse. Although its collection is often exceptional, it is rare to detect astringency in it.

The fashion jewelry collections in stainless steel, Argent925 on more than 10,000 references and unveil a blend of classic French style proudly displayed at their unbeatable factory direct price. The house gives free rein to many essences of ideas and materials. We cannot talk about necklaces without mentioning the bracelets that make them up.

Established in Aubervilliers since 2013 as a costume jewelry wholesaler, was born from the fashion passion of an association between enthusiasts of fashion, workshops, and internet sales specialists.By working hand in hand, our company brings together the essential elements for your satisfaction:
- Fair relations and privileged agreements with many fashion workshops in Paris
-Experienced collaborators in the fashion sector.
-A suitable IT and logistics infrastructure.
-A maximum quality service.
- Wholesale shop accessible from € 50 purchase, with real factory prices.
-Direct sale of the product, without intermediary.
The style, trend, and quality of the product is the result, the objectives of our team, which is constantly improving by offering you a catalog of several thousand products.

To guarantee you the best value for money, we prefer to invest in the product that we will sell:
- photo shoot by our own team instead of a professional photographer.
- direct sale without commission fees on our website.

Boucle-d-oreille main de Fatma Argent MOI985

Advised : 24€2 € HT

Boucle-d-oreille main de Fatma Argent MOI985

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Our values

Secure payment

In partnership with one of the largest French bank, the security of the transport of banking data is ensured by an advanced encryption algorithm which ensures the integrity and confidentiality of the data collected, only by the bank. In any case, we store your banking data, this is how your data is safe.

Animal protection

In the philosophy of La Maison, we consider that fashion is not synonymous with horror, cruelty to animals, which is why we firmly ban raw materials of animal origin whatever their form. With respect for the life of animals.

Sustainable development

We are definitely committed to a more sustainable future, wants to make a positive impact on people and on the planet. This is why we are fully committed to making a real difference, for example, for the protection of animals by excluding animal fur in our entire range, or by sourcing from more sustainable sources to all cotton used in our products.
We are also aiming for global carbon neutrality with our transport partners. Notably the post ...
- that is, reducing CO2 emissions and offsetting those that cannot be avoided by reducing an equivalent amount of CO2 elsewhere.
Our shipping boxes come from a sustainable and renewable environmental sector, manufactured and recycled 100% in France. was designed and hosted in France.

The head office

Email : (24h)

Tél : 01 48 34 29 82

Sarl : la sartoria

Rcs : Bobigny 794 199 604

Adress : 13 rue de la haie coq
93300 Aubervilliers France

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